Mythrojan Celtic Ring Knife Hand Forged Necklace Knife Veg Tan Decoration with Leather Sheath

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⭐ TRUE TEMPERED CARBON STEEL : skillfully hand-forged from CENTURY OLD TECHNIQUES and carefully tempered, this blade will NEVER LET YOU DOWN ! Fed up and bored with the countless poor cheap replica that fail after a few months ? Try true tempered steel !
⭐ FULLY FUNCTIONAL: This blade is fully intended to be used, and won't disappoint you. The blade edge comes dull for re-enactor use, but can be sharpened. Knife Size : 8.5 cm, Leather Sheath Size : 10 X 5.4 cm . This knife is Packed with oil to Prevent rust in shipping, we recommend keeping all Carbon Steel blades dry or oiled.
⭐ HAVE YOU ALWAYS LOVED THE WEAPONS OF THE SERIES VIKINGS ? Mythrojan provided the weapons of the two main characters ! 😉 What will we be designing for you ? 😉 
⭐ ARE YOU LOOKING FOR GROOMSMEN’S GIFT IDEA ? Or maybe a special birthday gift for MEDIEVAL LOVING relative ? Here is your answer ! The rough finish of this knife, matched with its elegantly twisted handle, makes it the perfect gift when you want to put a bright smile on ones' face without breaking the bank. ^^
⭐ LIFETIME GUARANTEE : Are you planning to keep your blade for many years ? You will ! It has been designed to last ! At Mythrojan we take your FULL satisfaction and happiness very seriously! All warranty issues are duly handled directly by Mythrojan, if you happen to receive something which is not up to expectations JUST CONTACT US. If, over time, a Mythrojan product does not live up to your expectation, JUST CONTACT US, we will work with you to assure SATISFACTION!


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