Mythrojan Chainmail Shirt with Coif Medieval Knight Armor Costume – Black Color

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Mythrojan Chain Mail Shirt with Coif V Shaped:

This chainmail shirt is a great functional piece of armor. Featuring 16 gauge mild steel round rings interlocked in a 4-in-1 pattern and butted. This chainmail habergeon is ready for action. The high-quality sturdy constructions make this a great piece to wear for reenactments and display
This Mythrojan Steel Butted Half Sleeve Chainmail is a true piece of armor. This is known as the Foe of Sword which came from the name Mail which is Latin for Mecula meaning Net. This type of chainmail armor can be seen at different times and different eras in history. This particular Chainmail consists of small metal rings linked together for a protective barrier between you and your enemy and offers protection from sword hits.
Obviously, the head is an important part of the anatomy, which is why we offer such a variety of chainmail coifs. Anything but simple armor, we offer a number of coifs, all of which feature different options which ensure that we have the head protection that will adequately defend your cranium.
A chainmail coif can be worn alone, or it can be combined with a helmet to provide a double dose of protection. If you're a knight, fighter, or warrior who understands that to lose one's head is to lose the battle literally, in this case then don't ride into battle with the protection of one of our chainmail coifs.

Items Specification:

♦♦ Length 34.
♦♦ Sleeves 10.
♦♦ Chest 48 in max.
♦♦ Diameter 10 mm.
♦♦ 10mm 16ga Rings.
♦♦ Stand not included.
♦♦ 15 Pounds with Hood.
♦♦ Plated to Prevent Rust.
♦♦ 4 in 1 Interlocking Mild Steel Rings.

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