Mythrojan Medieval Leather Sword Frog Rapier Renaissance Right Handed - Brown Crunch

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Size: 8" x 8" | Color: Natural

Medieval Leather Sword Frog Rapier Renaissance (Right handed):

This Medieval Sword Frog Rapier is designed to fit a wide variety of swords and scabbards, allowing them to be suspended from a belt via leather straps. The frog comes with adjustable lacing so that the wearer can fit the frog for sizes that accommodate a humble dagger to holding a grand long sword, all while supporting the weight from a waist-worn belt. We offer a wide variety of Sword frogs that can be used for medieval re-enactments, LARP, Renaissance Fairs and Theatrical plays. This Universal Sword Frog is sure to fit in with virtually any sort of attire that requires a sword to be worn.

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