Mythrojan Steel Pauldron, Set of 2

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Age: 12 - 15 Years

Mythrojan Kids Lamellar armors made of D-shaped plates (steel and brass). Binding and linking of the plates made of natural full-grain vegetable tanned leather. Fastenings in form of leather straps. This armor is incredibly well made and has a full lamellar back with adjustable leather straps. The D Plate armor is usually assembled and strapped by lacing or rivets. This D Plate Kids Lamellar armor is completely handmade and ideal for Asian and Roman Warrior Looks, Offers Semi-Flexible Protection to the Chest, Perfect for LARP, Costume, and Theater Use.

This Mythrojan fully handcrafted by finest artisans. These artisans have honed their craft for many years and take great pride in their work, ensuring that each set produced is true of the finest quality.

AMERICAN COMPANY: Mythrojan is an American owned and operated company, buying Mythrojan brand products helps small business America.

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