Mythrojan "For the HORDE horn mug : Mead Ale Horn Tankard for Medieval Knight Renaissance LARP Cosplay BLACK, 600ml…

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  • ⭐ The skirmish lasted the whole afternoon without any side gaining a clear upper hand. Firing arrow after arrow, you start to feel the weight of exhaustion. You know your forces won’t be able to resist much longer; the constant siege barrages have whittled your fortifications. As the Alliance shock troops close in, you suddenly see your chance to end this last fight. Jumping over the crenelation, you rush forward as your battle cry echoes on the half-broken walls, "For the Horde!"
  • ⭐ GENEROUS SIZE ♦♦ 600 ml is a perfect size, making it easy to carry during events while offering enough volume to delight even the thirstiest alliance soldier! ALLIANCE SOLDIERS DESERVE THE VERY BEST!
  • ⭐ 100% LEAK-FREE & ETHICALLY SOURCED GENUINE HORN TANKARD♦♦ Our drinking horn tankards are individually made by hand, highly polished, and sealed to keep the horn beautiful and leak-free for years to come. Each one is unique and the result of patient craftsmanship by skilled horn makers using only 100% natural horn, carefully chosen for its beauty, strength, and sturdiness. As with any natural product, the colour and shape will have natural variations. No two are the same.
  • ⭐IDEAL FOR AMAZING COSPLAY COSTUMES! Is there anything better than defending your territories, launching attacks on enemy strongholds with your trusted soldiers? ♦♦ Wherever your quest is set, this horn tankard will hold up to all your feasts and banquets, from the simple battlefield encampment to the impressive tables of the mead hall of your King!
  • ⭐ LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Providing you with high-quality products is what we do, and your FULL SATISFACTION and happiness are of utmost importance to us! All warranty issues are handled directly by Mythrojan. If you receive something that is not up to your expectations, CONTACT US, and we will work with you to resolve the problem. If, over time, a Mythrojan product no longer lives up to your expectations, CONTACT US, and we will work with you to assure SATISFACTION!

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