Mythrojan Door Handle Decorative Wrought Iron Barn Handle

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Mythrojan Lions Head Door Knocker:

My trojan Door Knocker has a beautiful design and will make a great first impression with visitors to your home. Crafted of solid cast iron and protected with a baked-on finish, the functional and regal design will improve your home's curb appeal, quickly and easily. It adds a touch of wonderful Victorian period-style to the entrance of your home.

Create a bold statement on your front door with this lovely Lion Head Door Knocker. This unique and lovely piece captures the traditional image and placement and brings him into your home as this ornamental door knocker.

Hanging from his mouth is an ornate metal ring, that swings freely to knock upon whatever door it is hung. With pre-bored holes in which you can place your screws, hanging it will be a cinch!

AMERICAN COMPANY: Mythrojan is an American owned and operated company, buying Mythrojan brand products helps small business America.