Mythrojan Hand Crafted Small Serving Horn Bowl – Polished Finish

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Depth: 5”w x 2”


? Suitable for lathering creams and soaps and other Home Decor

? Please Note* Your item might be different in look as it is a pure Handmade from Natural Horn)

? Imported

? Light Weight Handcrafted Bowl. Each and every Bowl comes in unique color shades.

Horn Palm Lathering Shave bowl:

The horn bowls are highly polished to a beautiful shine on the inside and finished lightly on the outside to feature the horn’s naturally rough texture. This polished bowl is the perfect size for mixing your shaving cream or soap with a quality shave brush. Fits perfectly into your palm – makes lathering your shave soap or cream a breeze. Our bowls are both perfect shaving bowls and exquisite works of art. The best gift to any men who appreciate the old-school way of wet shaving.Â