Mythrojan Medieval Drawstring Belt Bag, Ideal for SCA LARP Reenactment & Ren Fair, Suede Leather, Midnight Navyblue, 5”×6”

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⭐ HANDMADE FROM SOFT & RELIABLE SUEDE LEATHER: we find great pride in the way our products are hand cut and handcrafted using only the highest quality of suede available.

⭐ FORGET ABOUT THE FREQUENT ISSUES TYPICAL OF OTHER FAKE SUEDE LEATHER POUCHES ! We are talking about BEST AVAILABLE SUEDE here ! ^^ And the quality of Mythrojan patiently selected suede will ensure a long-lasting life and durability to your favorite pouch !

⭐ ♦♦ PERFECT SIZE : 5 INCH x 6 INCH ♦♦ Mythrojan’s 5”x 6” suede leather Pouch is the perfect companion for any adventure. Sturdy, reliable and easy to close, it will KEEP YOUR DICES, YOUR KEYS AND ALL YOUR PRECIOUS BELONGINGS safe during your epic weekends ! Whatever your favorite universe or character, its authentic look and adaptable shape will prove more than useful in any event, or even in your everyday life !

⭐ MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Whomever you have in mind that’s a gift which will last a lifetime ! Mythrojan swears by its suede leather, and you can be sure that this nice, rustic, high quality suede pouch will bring a bright smile on any face!

⭐ LIFETIME GUARANTEE. At Mythrojan we take great pride in providing you with high quality products. We take your FULL satisfaction and happiness very seriously! All warranty issues are duly handled directly by Mythrojan. So if you happen to receive something which is not up to your expectations JUST CONTACT US. If, over time, a Mythrojan product does not live up to your expectation, JUST CONTACT US, we will work with you to assure ENTIRE SATISFACTION!

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