Mythrojan Mini Pirate Spyglass Telescope Brass Colapsable Hand Telescope with Wooden Box Small Vintage Telescope Pirate Decore Brass Decorative Telescope 6''

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Is your beloved a distinguished connoisseur loving unusual element of decoration on his(her) desk ? Or maybe a true traveling gentleman(lady) wishing to add a lovely touch of exoticism and adventure to his(her) office ?
In either case you cannot make the wrong choice with that elegant telescope : well polished and expertly crafted it will echo the elegance of those long gone centuries during which such precious spyglass where treasured by most adventurers sailing the seas and exploring unknown horizon and mysterious jungles where no one has ever dare put a step before.

BRING THE EPIC OF STEAMPUNCK TO YOUR NEXT COSTUME ! Steampunk lovers will simply LOVE its old fashioned look and the lovely box coming with it. After all both of them would not look out of place in one of Jules Verne’s books ! Do you need a proper set for your next event or for a movie shooting ? Just spread old maps, a few nautical accessories and your precious spyglass with its box and let Captain Nemo in ! It might not be as luxurious as his beloved Nautilus but it will surely have the proper look !

SAIL THE SEVEN SEAS LIKE A TRUE PIRATE ! And if you are preparing your next pirate costume to sail to your next LARP / Cosplay event, that’s definitely the right accessory to hold at your belt next to your trusted compass and favorite saber ! Just add a good seaworthy coat and a nice feathered hat and even Captain Jack Sparrow would salute you at sea !

AMERICAN COMPANY: Mythrojan is an American owned and operated company, buying Mythrojan brand products helps small business America.