Mythrojan O Ring Medieval Leather Viking Belt LARP Renaissance Belt - Tan

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Color: Tan | Size: 59"

Leather Ring Belt Veg Tan Leather:

Timeless style, our Leather Ring Belt is a classic for your wardrobe. Simple design coupled with the highest quality leather makes for a trusty companion for all outings.

Ring belts are the perfect choice for any outfit. They can be worn by a pirate or a lady. Easy to put on and appropriate for any time period they are extremely versatile. Our belts come long and can be worn with length to show high station or easily cut down to the length of your choice.

Medieval belts were usually really long to accommodate the many layers they wore. Leather belts, often decorated, were the most common. Intricate belts, worn to be seen, were placed in view while an additional belt or girdle held the trouser in place under the tunic.

Our Simple Medieval Veg Tan Leather Belt with Steel Ring is handcrafted using fine quality leather that has been tanned and treated with a steel ring buckle. This simple belt is great for costumes in re-enactments, plays, or Renaissance Festivals. Perfect for matching with dresses and jeans, show your slim and charming figure and curve.

AMERICAN COMPANY: Mythrojan is an American owned and operated company, buying Mythrojan brand products helps small business America.