Mythrojan Pentagram Design Handmade Journal with Handmade Paper Green Diary Notebook

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Medieval Diaries with Pentagram Design:

Handmade Green Pentagram Leather Journal. This diary is an accurate replica of a diary that would be used in the medieval / Viking era. Featuring a real leather cover, replica parchment paper, leather stitching, and pentagram print. This is a perfect rendition of a medieval diary.

 Genuine Natural Leather protects the handmade fiber pages of this handmade, stitch-bound journal.         In Medieval times, the highest form of History was recorded into the pages of bound handmade fiber paper and wrapped with a leather cover for protection from the elements. Thirty inches of natural leather strap around the large leather book cover to keep it closed for indefinite privacy.

This period style 4x6 book is handcrafted featuring an exterior cover of real embossed leather. The interior paper is handmade by a 150-year-old family business. It’s guaranteed to be 100% wood-free, acid-free, chemical free, recycled from linen/cotton. The book can be used as a journal, notebook, dream diary, daily planner, sketchbook, or calligraphy practice. Use ink, paint, markers, watercolor, pastels, and pencils. Only your genius can define the uses for the Green Star Notebook.

On one side the handcrafted leather cover features the Pentagram, which has a history of many different meanings from many ancient cultures. On the reverse side, the exquisite messenger represents the importance of the message inside the book. Celtic knot-work surrounds all sides, corners, and voids of the Genuine Leather cover. All designs are naturally embossed by hand, permanently distinguishing the book.

? Length: 10cm

Width:Â 14cm

Color:Â Green.

AMERICAN COMPANY: Mythrojan is an American owned and operated company, buyi