Mythrojan Wide Teeth Handmade Germanic Bone Comb Big Large Tooth Detangling Wide Gap Comb

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A lucet is a tool used in cord making or braiding which dates back to the Vikings. Of course, when one tries to imagine the life of a Late Middle Age lady, the first thing arising into one’s mind is surely the image of a damsel playing with a lucet in the shade of the towers of a beautiful castle. But damsels were not the only ones expert in the use of the lucet ! Archeological researches have shown that lucet were important elements of the everyday life of absolutely every woman, from the poorest Viking girl to the highest ranking noblewoman…and of a good deal of tailors & soldiers !

Lucet cord is slightly square and a little springy. It is formed by a series of loops, like spool knitting. Unlike other braiding techniques, lucet braids can be created without pre-measuring threads and so is suited for very long cords! This lucet tool is made of bone. The use of this material was very common during the Middle Ages, as well as horn and wood. Use this ancient Viking/Medieval lucet cording tool to make strong and very sturdy cords that you can use in so many ways for your next kit. Use it to make drawstrings, lacings, buttons, and embellishments for your knit and crochet projects. Also make jewelry, designer shoelaces, home improvement hacks, and more with these strong cords.

AMERICAN COMPANY: Mythrojan is an American owned and operated company, buying Mythrojan brand products helps small business America.

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