Ahoy free filibusters and true buccaneers, swashbuckling freebooters and dashing pirates !

Ye want t' fence like true duelist, aye ?
Survive dozens of duels an' save pretty damsels in distress ?

You will definitively need a proper blade for that... forget fancy rapiers and court dueling swords ! They will be o' no use in the rigging or in the confine fights raging during boarding action and combats below decks of "Queen Anne's Revenge" !

What you need is a shorter blade, better suited to close quarters fights on cramped ships. What you need is a proper pirate cutlass.

And we precisely have just that !

Elegant and impressive, our pirate cutlass/saber will be the perfect addition to your outfit for any cosplay, reenactment or Halloween party !

Add a dashing red brocard or crimson damask and you will soon be as elegant as the famous captain Bartholomew Roberts, father of the pirates' code ! A sea washed outfit and tricorne hat would be enough to rival with Captain Jack Sparrow himself !

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