Crime against Chauhanhandicrafts || FIR launched, Chauhan Handicrafts

Mythrojan has been a manufacturer of Historical and Fantasy costumes for more than 20 years in the world.


Chauhan Handicrafts or Chauhanhandicrafts owned by Gajendra Shing Chauhan who stolen Exclusive information from Mythrojan with 2 other peoples and for this crime a FIR launched against them in India.


FIR REPORT against Chauhan Handicrafts or Chauhanhandicrafts 
District :  Crime Branch, Delhi  S  e-Police Station
FIR NO: ND-KG-000987    Date: 23-08-2022
Occurrence Date: 07-03-2022
Complainant :
  • Nationality: India
  • Address: USA  


Suspected details :

  1. Gajendra Shing Chauhan, proprietor of Chauhan Handicrafts. Website not available.
  2. Surende Kumar, proprietor of the Indian Crafts way or indiancraftsway.com.  https://www.indiancraftsway.com/ 
  3. Jaya Lal, proprietor of selviexpo.com or selviexports or selviexpo


The Accused no. 1 is an ex-employees of the Complainant company and has stolen data, goods, prototypes and   exclusive information of the Complainant company and are now selling it across India and worldwide.

 The Accused no. 2 and 3 are husband and wife and in collusion are running the above two companies respectively but work hand in hand for conducting all their business transactions as well criminal actions as mentioned herein. The Accused no. 2 and 3 are small competitors of the Complainant but do not have the resources, technology, man power, capital as well as ideas at the same level as of the Complainant. The Complainant is a big market player whose quality and creativity of goods cannot be matched by the Accused. Hence, the Accused no.  2 and 3 in collusion with Accused no. 1 have committed criminal conspiracy for stealing the product ideas of the Complainant, impersonating that the goods sold are of Complainant, whereas they are substandard goods of Accused, have received and sold goods of the Complainant  and have breached trust, confidence, reputation and market value of the Complainant company . All the above actions are done with mala fide intention, with knowledge of law and fact that the acts are penalized as per Indian Criminal law and have been reaping profits by dishonestly deceiving the Complainant Company.


 properties stolen :

 All the accused have conspired to steal the Pizza Axe of the complainant which  is proven from the fact that the  “pizza axe” which is being sold (counterfeit) by the Accused no. 2 and 3 is exact replica of the designs given to the accused no. 1 by the Complainant. 12. That it is clear that the accused no. 1 colluded with the accused no.  1 and 2 and affirmatively aided them to commit the concerned offence.  When the complainant company tried to contact the accused no. 1, however, the accused remained non-contactable. The complainant company further believes that there are other unknown accused persons/ employees who are committing or aiding the commission of said offence and are causing great harm and wrongful loss to the complainant company.


The complainant Mythrojan.com is renowned, trusted and flourishing company in the world, engaged in the business of manufacturing, retailing, selling and distributing of handcrafted, unique and customized Historical & Fantasy products.

The Accused no. 2 and 3 in collusion with accused no. 1 have committed criminal conspiracy for stealing the product ideas of the Complainant, Impersonating that the goods sold are of Complainant. Selling of the very identical goods by the Accused is not a matter of coincidence but constitutes criminal acts.


Signature of Police officer:




PIS NUMBER: 16060001   


Any query: https://mythrojan.com/pages/contact-us

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