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Mythrojan has been a manufacturer of Historical and Fantasy costumes for more than 20 years. We seek to design, test, continually improve our own line of quality products and repeatedly working with the film industry has just strengthen our passion and enthusiasm. Now we are breaking out of the fair tent to bring things to you in your home, online. Same great products, same quality materials, even better prices!



Where Indian Crafts way stolen data from Mythrojan and selling replica products across India and worldwide. A FIR launched in India against this crime.





                                                               FIRST INFORMATION REPORT 

                                                                         U/S 154Cr.P.C

  1. District :  Crime Branch, Delhi  S  e-Police Station (KASHMIRI GATE , NORTH DISTRICT)  Year :  2022

 FIR NO: ND-KG-000987    Date: 23/08/2022


  1. Act(s): Section(s)

(1) IPC   380/454/34


  1. Occurrence of Offence :

(a) Day: Monday                                     Date From:  07/03/2022   Date To:   25/03/2022

Time Period                                             Time:  17:35 hrs.    

(b) Information received at P.S:           Date:            23/08/2022

© Dally Diary Reference:                     Entry No:       17A, Time:        17:53


  1. Information Type :  Through web


  1. Occurrence place : KASHMIRI GATE, India


  1. Complainant :
  • Nationality: India
  • Address: USA

 Email ID: counseljyoti@gmail.com


  1. Suspected details :Gajendra Shing Chauhan, proprietor of Chauhan Handicrafts
  2. Surende Kumar, proprietor of the Indian Crafts way, https://www.indiancraftsway.com/
  3. Jaya Lal, proprietor of Selvi Exports, https://selviexpo.com/



The Accused no. 1 is an ex-employees of the Complainant company and has stolen data, goods, prototypes and exclusive information of the Complainant company and are now selling it across India and worldwide. The Accused no. 2 and 3 are husband and wife and in collusion are running the above two companies respectively but work hand in hand for conducting all their business transactions as well criminal actions as mentioned herein. The Accused no. 2 and 3 are small competitors of the Complainant but do not have the resources, technology, man power, capital as well as ideas at the same level as of the Complainant.


The Complainant is a big market player whose quality and creativity of goods cannot be matched by the Accused. Hence, the Accused no.  2 and 3 in collusion with Accused no. 1 have committed criminal conspiracy for stealing the product ideas of the Complainant, impersonating that the goods sold are of Complainant, whereas they are substandard goods of Accused, have received and sold goods of the Complainant  and have breached trust, confidence, reputation and market value of the Complainant company .



  1. Delay reason: No delay


  1. Particulars of properties stolen :

 All the accused have conspired to steal the Pizza Axe of the complainant which  is proven from the fact that the  “pizza axe” which is being sold (counterfeit) by the Accused no. 2 and 3 is exact replica of the designs given to the accused no. 1 by the Complainant. 12. That it is clear that the accused no. 1 colluded with the accused no.  1 and 2 and affirmatively aided them to commit the concerned offence.  When the complainant company tried to contact the accused no. 1, however, the accused remained non-contactable.


  1. The complainant, Mythrojan has been a manufacturer of Historical and Fantasy costumes for more than 20 years in world especially in the USA.


The Accused no. 2 and 3 in collusion with accused no. 1 have committed criminal conspiracy for stealing the product ideas of the Complainant, Impersonating that the goods sold are of Complainant. Selling of the very identical goods by the Accused is not a matter of coincidence but constitutes criminal acts.


  1.     Inquest Report / U. D. Case No., If any :   N/A


  1. I.R  Contents  :

              I, MYTHROJAN (S/O) REGISTERED COMPANY, report the theft of my article(S)/belonging(s) from KASHMERE                     GATE between 17:35 ar 17: 35 on 25/03/2022.


  1. Action Taken:

    (i)   Registered the case and took up the Investigation       


  1. Officer’s Signature:

           I certify that the information furnished for lodging FIR through this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.




PIS NUMBER: 16060001                                                                        


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